Check out Satushi's Art


Satushi is the inventor and mastermind behind CrypArt, though his identity remains a mystery. Some say Satushi is a genius who invented a protocol for open source, finite art, which encourages the owner to take responsibility for generating and protecting their own wallets. Others say Satushi is really a collective of bitcoin and art enthusiasts and it has even been suggested that ‘he’ is really an anarchist governmental institution intent on world destruction. Whatever the case, his open source wallet-based art has revolutionised the concept of art as an asset. His original ‘vault’ picture was the first piece of art in the world with a real value. By making a bitcoin wallet QR code the centrepiece of the work, he allowed owners of his pictures to ‘hang their own bank’ on their walls. Whilst Satushi occasionally blogs (though it is rumoured this will shortly cease) and offers his help to other artists under the CrypArt banner to develop products and expand adoption, it is unclear if his identity will ever be revealed.

We are honoured to work with the founder of a new movement in the art world and although we doubt we will ever meet the ‘face(s) behind the name’, feel sure his movement will continue to spread across the world and bring enjoyment and benefit to all who own it.