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Crypsi is an anonymous street artist known for his/her libertarian themed pictures. Crypsi has been descibed as the world’s first crypto-anarchist artist.

Trained by Satushi the founder of CrypArt, he/she believes that the current global system is flawed and needs to change. When asked about the controversial nature of the art, Crypsi explained:

“Whilst the wealthiest 1-2% of the population control 80-90% of the wealth, people will continue to starve, suffer and die of unnecessary diseases. By creating a new wealth, spread throughout the world, bitcoin has the potential to increase and spread the world’s wealth. Essentially bitcoin is a “people’s revolution” to make the world better and wealthier. Why should bank fees be so high that those looking to start businesses in poorer areas be crippled by the fees, making it almost impossible? The only losers would be those who seek to retain absolute influence and maintain the current corrupted system, such as large financial institutions and dictatorial governments. The block chain technology that underpins bitcoin essentially means transactions are permanently recorded, traceable and trackable (via IP access), so the idea that it could be used for money laundering or by criminal elements is farcical and shows how the mainstream media is constantly manipulated, with editors and journalists incapable of basic research, nor factual based reporting. As for security, if someone can take responsibility for ensuring their bitcoin keys are kept safe and backed up, then a bitcoin key is far longer and harder to crack than a bank account number, plus is confirmed hundreds of times. Reduced costs, time, errors, accountability as well as a fairer and richer world sound good to me and why would you not want to help change things? The real anarchists are those that oppose bitcoin.”

Wow! Am not sure we can answer most of Crypsi’s questions, but we wish him/her luck with the mission to change the world for the better!

Check out Crypsi’s website here (please note we do not condone or support any illegal activities Crypsi may, or may not be involved with, including, but not limited to: graffiti, abusive behaviour and tweets, offensive rap videos, anti-establshment and anti-government remarks and campaigns, indeed anything he/ she/ it may be connected to)